Days Without You (trailer)

The whole city on lockdown.
A love letter narrated through music and the images of an empty city.

A love story in the coronavirus era

The official trailer of the essay film Play me something, starring Tilda Swinton


The main video of the project Strangeland. A collage of documentaries based on the Turkish invasion in Cyprus in 1974. Exhibition held on 26th and 27th of March 2020 on Kentish Town by Christiana Georgiou. An interactive living room set, designed to encourage reflection on concepts of home, identity and belonging.


Sample from the short documentary The Lighthouse - a story about father Athinagoras and the Roma community of Dendropotamos in Thessaloniki.

Assistant Director

Ourfestival7 - 2021


Homeward | A performance by Fanis Sakellariou

Michalis Kalogiannis Foundation | February - March 2023

Video Director / Editor

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