“Homeward” is a visual physical performance, based on the notion of Post-humanism. It attempts to deconstruct the “Human” and redefine it amongst the violent vectors of contemporary world, through the visceral alteration of identity found in Primal Rituals.
In a nightmarish landscape of a timeless unconscious, where all life has been reduced to black dust, we witness the punishment ritual of the new species that annihilated everything that ever was. In the Tamer’s strange show, the Beast is pulled towards the Human and their destructive union. Existing in the liminal territory between performance, installation, noise show and visual theater, Homeward explores the human’s moral stance against the world and the Others, as well as our relationship with the uncanny.
Homeward imagines a monstrous utopia, where traditional human concepts like gender, the self and the Other, good and evil are absent. Through dramaturgical structures of primal rituals – common on a universal and timeless scale – we are invited to to take part in the transition from the human to what follows. Perhaps it is the Beast. Perhaps it is the post-human. Essentially, a nightmarish rite of passage is performed, a monstrous funeral, during which all polarizations and discriminations are buried. The new species is revealed, in which all opposites are assimilated in harmony, without moral disposals, and in complete acceptance. As above, so below. And perhaps in this way, the human might communicate with the great Other – whatever has been called divine – which, as time has already shown, is no other than the next human, a Homo Deus.
Athens: “Homeward” premiered at Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation (2023).
It was also shown as a work in progress at Our Festival 7, Evripideio Theatro Rematias (2021).
London: “Homeward” has been presented as a Work in Progress at Studio Theatre, Central Saint Martins, London (2019) and was scheduled for the MISC Festival at the Platform Theatre, London (2020, postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic). 
Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation
Director | Text | Sound Design: Fanis Sakellariou
Set Design: Olga Ntenta
Costume Design: Konstantinos Chaldaios
Movement Design: Maro Petli
Lighting Design: Marietta Pavlaki
Constructions: Lydia Lampropoulou, Constantinos Chaldaios, Nikolas Tsounakas, Ronnie Kommené, Irini Olympiou
Mask Construction: Katerina Mitsiali
Dramaturgical Advisor: Daphne Patsourakou
Performers: Thodoris Vrachas, Alexandros Kanavos, Sofia Nikolopoulou
Production Management: Lydia Lampropoulou
Communication: Katerina P. Trihia @ablaze.meursault
Visual Communication (Graphic Design, Photographs & Drone): Dimitris Gelbouras @forbidden.designs
Trailer – Teaser: Giannis Papoutsis
Photos: Giannis Papoutsis, Marios Chaldaios
Our Festival 7, Evripideio Theatro Rematias
Devised and Directed by Fanis Sakellariou
Text/Sound Design: Fanis Sakellariou
Set Design: Olga Ntenta
Costume Design: Aziza Kadyri, Thanos Papagalanis
Movement Design: Maro Petli
Filming/Photos: Yiannis Papoutsis
Performers: Alexandros Kanavos, Daphne Patsourakou
UAL: Central Saint Martins, MA Performance Design & Practice
Platform Theatre, London
Devised and Directed by Fanis Sakellariou
Text/Sound Design: Fanis Sakellariou
Set Design: Olga Ntenta
Costumes: Aziza Kadyri
Movement Assistane: Violeta M. Valcheva
Performers: Kostis Daskalakis, Reza Diako, Daphne Patsourakou
Filming: Yiannis Papoutsis
Poster Art: Florian-Ayala Fauna

Studio Theatre, London
Devised and Directed by Fanis Sakellariou
Sound, Set, Costume, Light Design: Fanis Sakellariou
Visual Design Assistance: Aziza Kadyrova
Performers: Fanis Sakellariou, Violeta Valcheva, Daphne Patsourakou

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